Unzeitiger Gast


Premier 21st of December 2022
Resonanzraum Hamburg

In „Unzeitiger Gast“ the Team, together with the Decoder Ensemble, explores formally the historical „Mystery Plays“, transforming them into a contemporary, multimedia and installative intoxication of sound. The focus is on the finiteness of human existence – a topic often suppressed in our society. In various reenactments, individual moments are considered and relived. The cross-genre team takes its cue from dances of death (the earliest multimedia works of art in which painting, poetry, and music were combined) or from the so-called „Dancing Mania“ (a phenomenon of the early modern period), an ecstactic and fatal attack of dancing that lasted for days.
The room itself becomes a performer, through a powerful use of organism, light and dance, in this deadly game.
The audience is invited to roam through the different spaces and times, celebrating their own morality – or even trying to cheat together with the others in a futuristic scenario.

Andrej Koroliov, Composition/Concept
Heinrich Horwitz, Directing/Concept
Nina Divitschek, Costume
Ricarda Schnoor, Light and Video
Annett Hardegen Dramaturgie
Alexander Schubert, Klangregie
Elisabeth Brunmayr, Production
Kallia Kefala, Directing Assistant


Andrej Koroliov
Carola Schaal
Jonathan Shapiro
Kinga Ötvös
Leopold Hurt
Maria Walser
Nina Guo
Sonja Lena Schmid