Outernational WA & DAVUL – Concertfilm


Kamilya Jubran is one of the most formative voices of the Arab avant-garde that influences an entire generation today. Traditional musical influences are confronted with an experimental joy in deconstructing the expected. Accompanied by the Swiss trumpet player and electronic artist Werner Hasler, the singer enters a new space with her new program »Wa«, which in Arabic means »and« – quadrophonically amplified textures build up, which are brought to collapse in the next moment.

The musician and artist Cevdet Erek from Istanbul dedicates his performance, which has also been developed over the years, to the davul, a bass drum that is widely used in regions from Eastern Europe to the Middle East. His way of playing is completely unique and leads from complex, traditional dance rhythms to techno-like beats to sensitive archaic.

This is the first musical encounter between Cevdet Erek and the Duo Jubran/Hasler, who are accompanied by baroque and renaissance sounds constructing old listening spaces from fundament to ornament.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had to cancel the concert in it’s planned form. But we are happy to announce this concert video with the original cast.

The film revolves around questions of change – from trance to trouble… to the figure of the tumbleweed. Questions of intimacy and distance, possibilities of »coming together« are being explored as well.

Kuration und Dramaturgie: Elisa Erkelenz
Tonaufnahme: Carlo Grippa
Regie und Konzept: Heinrich Horwitz
Sound Mix: Martin Ruch, Control Room Berlin
Kamera und Schnitt: Florian Schmuck
Visuals und Licht: Rosa Wernecke
Voice und Oud: Kamilya Jubran
Electronics und Trompete: Werner Hasler
Davul und Visuals: Cevdet Erek
Violine und Konzept: David-Maria Gramse
Gambe: Liam Byrne
Theorbe: Andreas Arend