Bonny Crude


Bonny Crude (2018 – ongoing)
Klangwerkstatt Berlin / HAW Hamburg / Tempo Reale Florenz

Bonny Crude is an ongoing concert project including fixed compositions, media, body work/dance, the venue itself, staged intermissions, a fully staged program and the audience. The participation of the spectator is embodied in the position of their chairs, their gaze, their presence, how they move and behave, how they fill up the room – the contact varies between far away through the eyes and a close contact with Bonny Crude. The Performer Carola Schaal is reacting on the mood in the room, is transforming the performance relating to the specific kind of gazes, bodies and presence of the audience. The aspect of ongoing means that single pieces might be replaced with other pieces or premieres etc.
It also means that the program is constantly morphing, developing, reacting on the
circumstances, the situation around us. In this case Bonny Crude is a political piece, because of the in written chance of flexibility.

Carola Schaal – Klarinette / Stimme / Performance
Heinrich Horwitz – Choreographie / Lichtdesign
Maximiliano Estudies – Klangregie