Amazon Stories


How can we really come together? And how do we move musically in spaces of diversity, in its shifts and shades? We tell ourselves stories…
In »Amazon Stories« soloists from a wide range of artistic practices – from Persian classical music to performative voice art to zither, composition and video – become a community of practice, searching for possibilities of “coming together” in a fractured world and negotiating spaces and potentials of diversity. Compositions and improvisations in various instrumentations meet archive recordings of Iranian songs; myths of freedom and Amazons unfold a symbolic life of their own on a visual level. Musically, the concert performance wanders from compositions from the collective to improvisational encounters in various constellations to electronics and composed, ancient music. The audience becomes part of Heinrich Horwitz’s and Elisa Erkelenz’s staging, which continually explores spaces of encounter and of the listener.

Heinrich Horwitz, Direction and Staging Rosa Wernecke, Video and Lights Elisa Erkelenz, Curation and Dramaturgy Leopold Hurt, Zither and Composition Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, Tonbak and Composition (Berlin) Afra Mussawisade, Percussion (Cologne and Hellerau) Mona Matbou Riahi, Clarinet and Composition Golnar Shahyar, Voice and Composition Elsa M’Bala, Electronics